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The World Bank Vice President for operations, policies and country services Mr. Kyle Peters has applauded the Tanzania Social Action Fund-TASAF for seriously undertaking the Productive Social Safety Net PSSN Programme gearing to salvage poorhouse in Tanzania.

Addressing Buma residents in Bagamoyo where TASAF through its PSSN program have benefited through the Community Based Cash transfer CB-CCT Mr. Peters said the achievement acquired by TASAF in executing PSSN program will be used by the Bank in other countries where poverty is rampant.

“It’s important to use this opportunity to see how we can eradicate poor households in Tanzania and I believe that this project will register huge success in Buma and in the whole country,” said the WB Vice President.


The World Bank Vice President for operations, policies and country services Mr. Kyle Peter’s addressing Buma residents (not in a picture)


Mr. Peters who accompanied by the World Bank Country Director Mr. Philippe Dondier and the Tanzania Social Action Fund Executive Director Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga visited one of the poorhouse hold beneficiary where he was impressed by the achievement got by the family since being enrolled in PSSN program including the innovation of a house and managing to send children to school and joining the Community health fund through the money from CB-CCT.


The World Bank Vice President for operations, policies and country services Mr. Kyle Peters inspects one of the CB-CCT beneficiaries at Buma Village


Speaking during the visit, the TASAF Executive Director, Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga, said the fund were seriously working with the PSSN beneficiaries so that they graduate out of poverty including providing them with entrepreneurial sensitization .

“TASAF works very closely with the government in this program. Hence I assure you that we will do our best to ensure that the existing problems are solved,” said Mr. Mwamanga.


The TASAF Executive Director, Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga addressing Buma villagers (not in the picture)


On the other hand the Tanzania Social Action Fund has been requested by poor households in Buma village, on the outskirts of Bagamoyo town, to provide them with training on entrepreneurship and financial management so they would be self-dependent.

Speaking during a visit by the World Bank (WB) in Bagamoyo District on Sunday, Michael Mrope, one of the beneficiaries, said although the support they were receiving was very good they would prefer to get education on how to utilize the resources they were getting.

“We appreciate the program because it has helped us a lot, but the more we continue getting the more we spend; but with training we could establish small businesses which would help to overcome poverty in the village,” said Mrope.

He pointed out that the program assisted them to enrol with health funds, making it easier to be treated when they fell ill, faulted the health centre in the village because it lacked enough equipment as well as medicines.


One of the CB-CCT beneficiaries Bakari Rajabu Bakari with a white cap presents a pineapple to the World Bank Vice President at the Buma Village

“I am happy that my family and I can get medical treatment at any time, but when we go to hospital we are often told to buy drugs because the centre is very often out of stock.

Buma Executive Officer, Mr Jema Mbwana, thanked TASAF for making it possible for the villagers to eradicate poverty as they could now get three meals in a day.

“Since the program began food insecurity has declined among the beneficiaries while school performance and attendance have increased from 50 per cent to 90 per cent.

Mr Mbwana said some of the beneficiaries had improved with the program's support, adding that they were now engaged in small economic activities such as paltry keeping and farming.

However, he said the village was faced with problems, including infrastructure, water and insufficient staff houses for primary school teachers and medical staff.

Buma village was among the CB-CCT pilot areas in Bagamoyo undertaken by TASAF since 2008/2009 .Other PAA includes Kibaha, Chamwino, Bunda, Kilombero, Mbarali, Pemba and Unguja where a remarkable success has been achieved.

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